Potatoes and PRs I hope!

Well, Boise Idaho has so far been just what I expected; running through potato fields, taking walks along the river admiring the mountains, sipping coffee in the computer room with Hannah, and trying not to think too much about my race all week. Well now that its finally here it almost seems like it went by fast. In 3 hours or so I’ll be out on the track racing my 3rd NCAA indoor meet. This year I’ve stepped up to the 3k. The last two years I raced here I had highs and lows. Looking back, I’m thankful not to have the stomach flu this year like freshman year, I’m thankful to have had an awesome teammate to share this experience each of the three years I’ve been here (Pilar, Pasca, and Hannah) and I’m hoping to have as good of luck here as last year. But then again, its not about luck, its about having faith. I’m coming into this race feeling pretty good, but as always a few nerves now and then, but what is gonna keep me going tonight is what I’ve got written on my hand. Ao1 and IRFC. I know that if I keep reminding myself why I run, (For God, since this is the gift he has blessed me with), that I will have the strength in those final laps to do something big. I don’t know what that will be, but I hope to do my best, and to walk away from Boise with a bigger reward than the potato pins (like you pin to your sweater) they handed out at the NCAA banquet, (Although, a potato pin is pretty sweet, right?)

Tonight is the night to get it DONE
Tonight is the night to just go RUN
For my audience of ONE
Thy will be DONE
I’m running for Christ and its gonna be FUN! 🙂

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