Wanna see why I run?

        As mentioned in my first blog entry, I’m often faced with the question,“Why do you run?” I’ve realized the answer to that question has changed over time, but never really gets any easier to answer. A simple answer however, was always that I just genuinely enjoy running. But that sentence alone, can’t quite describe how I really feel about running. Perhaps that is the reason why almost two years ago, the summer following my freshman year, my friend Allyson and I decided to make it very clear just how much we “love” running by making a music video about our feelings toward the sport. It was this, and boredom, that sparked the making of a music video parody of Ke$ha’s “Your Love is my Drug” which we called “My Run is my Drug.” A week or so of filming, and just an hour of making up silly lyrics, surprisingly turned into over 17,000 views on YouTube! It was pretty crazy, I have to say, to be at a track or cross-country meet in say, North Carolina, or California, and have people shout out to me “Hey you’re that Run is my Drug girl!” The video even went semi-viral on Let’srun.com running forum, and soon people began to define me as “running obsessed,” which I have to say, wouldn’t be a lie at all.
        However, as cool as it was to have so many people watch the video and learn just how much of a running-nerd I really am, it made both Allyson and myself really question exactly how much we valued running amidst other things in our lives. I’d say last summer was a big year of spiritual growth for both of us. Allyson went out to an Athlete’s in Action Christian sports camp and I went to Mammoth Lakes, CA for the Altitude Project, a Christian distance running camp. It was around that time that we began to question what our love for running really meant. Were we addicted to running in the same way people are addicted to drugs? Were we so dependent on it that we really would get depressed with out it, or not desire to live without it? What was there in our lives outside running, and where did running rank amongst other values? In all honesty, speaking for myself here, I cannot lie that at that point, running seemed to come before everything, including God. Running to me really was like a drug, or even worse, like an idol. 
        But something happened that summer. A sort of lightbulb lit up above my head and I suddenly got it. Life is NOT about running at all. But what is it about? I knew right away the answer, and I’ve known it all my life, but it was time to start applying it. That’s when Allyson and I got together again and said, let’s make another music video this summer for the fun of it, but this time, let’s make it more meaningful. We decided to try  and make a video that answered the question, “Why do you run?” Even though it turned out kind of cheesy, it made for another really fun summer and this is what we came up with:

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