Right where I’m supposed to be

Here it is, the weekend I’ve long been waiting and training for, NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Tonight I’ll be in the 1500m heats, racing for a top 5 finish and a spot in the finals on Saturday. When I think about this day a year ago, its pretty amazing to see how far I have come, as well as our team as a whole. Last year I sat at home watching these races, frustrated that I didn’t make it here to Des Moines, and annoyed by a small injury that would keep me from running part of my summer. Last year my roommate Hannah was our only distance girl competing, but this year we took out our frustrations, allowed for no excuses, and brought a team of six, three of us alone in the 1500m. 
As I prepare my mind for the challenge ahead, I may be nervous, but I have to stop and think about how thankful I am for the opportunity that lies ahead. I’ve achieved my goal, third times a charm, of finally making the Outdoor NCAA Championship. But coming here is not the end of a goal, but the beginning. When one goals is achieved, five more must be made.  I came here hungry, hungry for every opportunity present, and happy to share these opportunities and the journey with five amazing girls.

As I was running around the Drake stadium the other day, I was trying to decide how many more minutes to  add onto my run. I just had an easy run and the distance was up to me, but because paying close attention to every little detail is often what makes a good runner, I couldn’t decide whether to add on 5, 10 or 20 minutes to my run. Just then I came up to a billboard that flashed the time, 4:13, I instantly thought of my PR and one of my favorite verses, Philippians 4:13 “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” That’s when it hit me, something just told me, “You’re in the right place, at the right time. Why do you worry? God has you where he wants you.” So I finished off my run, not even looking at my watch, just going on trust and feel. As much as all these little details seem to become so important in training and racing, sometimes you just have to sit back and look at all the hardships you’ve overcome, and trust that whether or not you add 10 minutes to a run, or to your sleep, or whether or not you get that last stride in; as long as you don’t worry and think too much, you’re gonna be okay. And so, that’s been my motto for this week. Every time my mind begins to wonder if I belong here, if I’m prepared enough, if I ate the right things, if I’m in great position in the race, or all of the other “what ifs,”I remind myself that God put me here, and He’s helped me all the way. I’m not alone, He’ll be there in that stadium to give me the strength I need; my audience of one whom which I’m running for. God has me right where He wants me, now I just need to go out there and run my race.

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