Busy never ends!

Busy never ends you see. Once again its getting late and I feel like hitting the hay as they say, but first I’d like to finish what I started and share with you the rest of my thoughts…

As I said before, going into my workout yesterday I wasn’t quite my usual motivated, optimistic and energized self. I’d spend the last few days focusing on things “gone wrong” rather than all of the things I’ve been blessed with. I like to think though, that when it comes to workouts and races, it doesn’t matter what kind of emotions you bring to the table. You have to just put all of that aside and go “All out or nothing.” There’s no, “Oh I wasn’t feeling it,” or “I have a good excuse..”

So yesterday when I stepped onto the track amongst the trees (Nike’s Michael Johnson track) I really tried to forget all my worries and remember what I’m running for.
Six laps later and I stared at the times I had just run and I thought to myself, “What was I so worried about!?”

Long story short, when life gets busy its easy to forget the things you’ve got going for you. I have to say that I truly am so thankful to have the opportunity to be working at Nike, having my roommate, Hiruni, to run with and cheer me on, James my pacer, a new massage therapist, my family, boyfriend, coach and teammates who have supported me, and all kinds of other people who have stepped out of their way to help me in the last two weeks. Don’t get me wrong though, its a thanks that really extends to all the people who helped me throughout my whole running career.

I don’t know if I’ll be on that starting line at the trials, for now that’s all in God’s hands. But I do know that I couldn’t have done it without all the help and support from so many people over the years. That kind of support, along with a life long dream is what got me here, and right here, right now, is where I know I’m meant to be. That same dream is also what will drive me to continue training my best until the very last minute, and then do it all again in seasons to come. I also know that God gave me the talent, ability and strength to do what I’ve done in running. I know why I run, and that is to use this talent that He gave me for something bigger than myself; a greater good. Because of this, I know one thing’s for sure, I’m too blessed and to fortunate in so many ways that it’d be impossible to even think about ever giving up. And so I’ll keep a smile on my face and keep on running; running for Christ.

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