Today I’m off to my first cross country race of my final college season. It’s crazy how it seems like yesterday when I lined up for my final race in high school. Today’s race is at Virginia Tech to get a preview of the ACC Championship course. Although it isn’t a big race, pretty much just a workout, it’s still crazy to think its already time for  hair-braiding, nail-painting, and putting on the lucky pink socks. But despite all of my silly pre-race routines, I’ve decided this season to really make one routine count more than any other. This season I want to step up to every starting line and thank the Lord for the opportunity that lies ahead. Each time I run will be one race closer to my last, and in a way that’s scary. But you can’t think of life like that. Instead, I’ll just be thankful for the race I’ve got that day, knowing you only get one shot at that moment, and you can never take anything for granite, especially having one final season with an amazing team to run for. GO NOLES!

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