What up Oiselle!

Ever since I first started running I had big goals in mind. One of those was to one day compete as a professional runner. My first run was in middle school and was nothing more than a loop around the block with my friends. I remember them wearing jeans, tennis shoes and probably thick cotton tee shirts, and as we went past our coaches house we made an extra effort to “sprint” that 50 meters. Two things I noticed that day; one was the fact that running felt easy, and second was that running in jeans, old sneakers and a cotton tee was NOT ideal! 

As time went on, I ran more and more, and soon fell in love with the sport. A decade later I love it even more and still have my eyes set on big goals. Today I am pleased to announce a huge step in the right direction as I take my running to the next level competing professionally for Oiselle, a women’s running apparel company. Pronounced “Wa-zel,” they are a Seattle-based company made up of women who all love running just as much as I do. Not only that, they know that running in jeans is not fashionable, comfortable, or meant for high-performance so Oiselle makes all of their apparel fit both of those criteria. As I move on from college and begin to put 100% focus on my running I couldn’t be happier to have Oiselle and the rest of their elite team to support me. 

Running might seem like such a simple sport that one might ask if having high-performance clothing is necessary, or how on earth could someone even go “Pro” or get sponsored in running? Well, perhaps these two things aren’t entirely necessary to run fast, after all, Emil Zatopek once said, “An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.” However, getting sponsored in this sport is not about the money, after all even the most glamorous contracts are nothing in comparison to the NBA or NFL. Instead, what is most special to me is that the people at Oiselle believe in that “hope in my heart” and those “dreams in my head” and want help support my journey and see me get “there.”

Having someone who believes in you is probably one of the most powerful tools in sports. Over the last decade I’ve been fortunate to have had so many people believe in me and challenge me to keep looking at higher goals. My dad first challenged me when we’d go running around the neighborhoods and he turned our easy runs into a race. My mom always gave me confidence when she wished me good luck and said she knew I’d do great. My fiancé is always telling me I can do things that I might not have strived for, but because he believes I can I tell myself I must try! Then there’s my coaches who believed in me enough to keep giving me harder workouts and challenging races, and my teammates who counted on me but also gave me confidence in their praise and encouraging words. Finally there’s the trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists, friends and family who each have and continue to play their role in my support group. I’m happy I can now add Oiselle to that list as they support my journey, because after all that’s what running is: a journey. 

I admit, I probably don’t thank these people as much as I should. Perhaps that’s because writing down a thank you to all of these people seems too much like a typical thank-you speech at the Grammies or the type of thank-you speech I once told myself I was saving for “when I make it BIG” like the Olympic medal ceremony. But what makes me think that I should only thank my wonderful support system and all those people who believe in me only when I actually achieve my biggest goals? Why not thank them all the time, or even particularly when it seems that I’ve failed and they STILL believe in me? Well, today is not one of those “I’m a failure” days by any means, but nonetheless I still thought it was a good day to thank everyone who helped me reach the stage that I’m at now because after all they are a huge part of me and my journey.

Most of all, I’m so blessed and thankful God continues to give me support in my running and ability to share my faith with others. He’s the reason why I run and I thank Him every day for how He’s blessed me with so many opportunities through running. On the other hand, I thank Him too for the bad times when things didn’t quite work out because looking back I can see how those times helped me grow and are what it took for me to realize how much I needed Him. 

Giving thanks is one of the most important ways to grow your relationship with God, or really with anyone. It’s a simple thing, letting someone know you’re grateful for them and what they’ve done and it only takes two seconds to say those two words: Thank You! So to sum it up I’d just like to say thanks to my entire support group, including Oiselle, and whether your running is at an ultimate high or a desolate low there’s still people out there who deserve those two simple words as they support you through the good times and the bad. 

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NAS) in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 

Here’s this week’s Four Fun Facts: Things I love about Oiselle: 
1.They’re unique…where else can you find running wedding gowns or days of the week rundies undies

Oiselle wedding gown
Oiselle onesies

2.They are a family-friendly company that makes clothes for high school girls, moms and even future runners-to-be (wee birds kids collection).

3.Their elite team is a lot like a team. It’s not just a bunch of random people wearing the same logo but women who cheer each other on and support each others’ own unique journey.

4. They absolutely L-O-V-E this sport!

Check out some of Oiselle’s latest styles
and check out my bio on their website!

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