There’s nothing quite like the beginning of a new year; feelings of excitement, rejuvenation, and anticipation. This year, when the clock struck midnight I was full of these emotions as I blasted off the starting line of the NYRR Midnight Run in NYC. As I stared ahead at a starry sky filled with a magnificent fireworks display, I thanked God as I thought back to 2013 and its many blessings. Here were some highlights and things God showed me:

March: I learned to take chances and that “Faith rules over superstition” (Runner up in the Indoor Mile)

April: I learned that “Every Teammate Counts” After going 1-2-3 in the 5k we still narrowly missed the team ACC title, but teammates mean more than trophies…

…once a teammate, forever teammates! So blessed to have these ladies around to laugh with one minute and push me to a new 1500 PR the next! (Payton Jordan Invite, 4:10 PR)

June: “I learned to “Cherish every moment!” even the simple things like running pain-free (Last NCAA Meet)
August: “Hard Work Pays Off…” (Graduated with my B.S. in Sport Management)
October: “…And when it does, remember to thank those who helped you get there” (NCAA Woman of the Year Awards with my biggest supporters!)
Finally, my dream from 10 years ago came true, I turned Pro in the sport I love to do!

So there I was, racing through the dark in Central Park, so happy to be there representing Oiselle and NJNYTC, and I was giddy just thinking about all of the new goals and dreams I have yet to chase! 2013 was full of blessings, but there were also many struggles I was only able to overcome by relying on my faith, family and friends.

Looking ahead, I know there will be more battles to face, but I know with a strong faith and a positive attitude I believe anything is possible!

It was an incredibly fun New Year’s Eve race, running through flashing lights, large crazy crowds full of people in costumes such as Scooby Doo and the Flinstones, and of course the 20 minutes of booming fireworks. As I made the last sharp turn and sprinted through the tape I was happy to start the New Year off with my first pro racing win. But it wasnt the prize money and peanuts (thanks to Emerald Nuts I have several months supply!) that made the evening so special; it was being able to have so much fun doing what I love, make new friends, spend time with my fiancé and with several former teammates who were visiting and ran the race as well. It wasn’t your typical way for a bunch of 20-something year-olds to celebrate the New Year, but we all agreed that despite frozen forearms it was the most fun New Years we’ve had.

Without running, I never would have ended up in NYC on NYE, in fact, I wouldn’t be living in NJ, have seen all the cities I’ve travelled to race in, or done half the things I’ve done! I’m so thankful for this sport and what its brought me so far, and excited to see what another year brings.
But the truth is its not the running I’m thankful for, its the God who gave me the talent and told me to use it for his glory. And so, that’s why “I’m not running for a win,” I’m not running just for trophies or money or to do cool things like spend NYE in NYC, but to use running as a way to share my faith and use what running gives me to give back.
And so, to wrap it up, here are my 2014 New Years Resolutions:
1. To be more positive and keep running fun (or should I say funning?)
 2. To volunteer more
3. To procrastinate less (shoulda posted this Blog days ago…oops!)
4. To not worry, because #iLackNothing
5. To continually find ways I can become a better runner and not dwell on, or waste my time with anything that holds me back.

Happy New Year!

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