The Run-Down: DinoDerm Compression Sleeves

The Run-Down is my new category of run-related product reviews. Most recently, I tried out a pair of DinoDerm compression calf sleeves and I thought I’d share my experience. I’ll admit I’ve never been keen on compression sleeves alone, I’ve always been a fan of the full compression socks. However, once I tried these I really loved the firm, secure feel and the freedom in my feet.

dinoderm sleeves-front-back
I also realized there are actually some benefits to the sleeve vs the sock:

  1. You can wear whatever socks you prefer, or no socks at all if you’re in spikes.(I also have wide toes so certain socks are too restricting).
  2. You can put them on and take them off much quicker, which is especially handy after muddy, rainy runs or during triathlon races.
  3. You can wear them under jeans or dress pants along with sandals or dress socks. I always travel with compression on my legs, so now I can wear a long dress or jeans without the awkward sock look!

What I like about DinoDerm sleeves:

Graduated Compression—this is something I always look for in compression gear. It simply means the compression varies in how tight it is from bottom to top. Graduated compression promotes upward bloodflow which can speed up recovery. DinoDerm sleeves have a graduated compression rating of 10–20mmHg.

Stability—The sleeves help stabilize your lower-leg which can help or prevent shin splints.

Seamless—I personally found them super comfortable. Seamless is always a good quality in a sock or sleeve.

Inexpensive—Based on my last blog you may already know I’m all about saving money. These are one of the least expensive pairs of sleeves on the market, ($9.97 a pair) and they also come with a 30-day money back guarantee!

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The Cons:

-These sleeves only come in one size, which seems to fit me and several friends just fine, but I can’t vouch for everyone.

-They only come in black, but at least they match well with anything.

Who do I recommend should try DinoDerm? Any athlete really! Especially young runners or anyone new to the sport who wants an inexpensive calf sleeve that doesn’t lack quality. Newer runners are often prone to shin splints, so these sleeves are a great proactive piece of gear. And if you suffer from calf pain or shin splints, even more of a reason to try them out!

Sound pretty cool? You can purchase a pair of DinoDerm sleeves here. And check out for more details.

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