“Hello, my name is Amanda (Winslow) Rego and I am an elite runner, striving to live life to the fullest and give the glory to God.”

Born: 1990, Cleveland, Ohio

HS: Keystone (LaGrange, OH) & Collins Hill (Suwanee, GA)

College: Florida State University-Sports Management ’13

Club: Pikes Peak Elite T.C.

Resides in: Colorado Springs, CO

Coach: Juli Benson

Specialty: 1500m/mile, & 5000m


I first started running in seventh grade and fell head over heels for this sport. Actually, as the story goes I literally fell during basketball try-outs and a broken wrist forced me off the court and to the track! Whether by divine intervention or not, running immediately became my passion, particularily because of how much it depends on hard work, not just talent. Working my way up to the top I eventually won multiple State Championships, anchored a National Championship DMR, and went on to Florida State University to became a 7-time All-American and NCAA Runner up.

Although I was incredibly blessed with my progression on the national stage, before I knew it my life completely revolved around running. As a distance runner, dedication is key, but during my Sophomore year of college I finally realized that there is more to life than running and winning. Rejuvenating my faith that year, I decided to make a change and start giving God the glory rather than soak it all up for myself, and so I started this blog to share my journey of running and faith.

Now, as a professional runner I am training hard towards the next World Championships and Olympic Games after coming back from two surgeries and a chronic hamstring injury. I am thankful for the freedom and opportunities God has given me through running. Most recently this journey has led me to Colorado Springs, CO where I am training and living the dream with my husband, and fellow runner, Chris Rego.

Florida State Bio


I’m also semi-famous on YouTube for being a complete and utter running nerd back in the day…


…oh wait, I still am 😀