One more TIME

In running, and in everyday life, I sometimes have to remind myself that good things come to those who wait. Wait for what you ask? Well, all sorts of things really. To master any skill takes practice, to excel in running takes weeks, months and years of hard training, and to obtain a degree means […]

Streak of Faith

In sports there’s always been this idea of streaks, or curses such as the billy goat curse on the Chicago Cubs, or the Minnesota Vikings who’ve lost four Super Bowls. I’ll admit, in running I’ve sometimes imposed streaks or patterns on my races. Notice I say imposed, that meaning there really was no curse, it […]


            The last three weeks have been full of many highs and lows from the Boston Marathon to my last ACC Championships, racing at Stanford and finishing up my last semester on Florida State’s campus. It started April 15th with the sickening news of what happened in Boston. It was one […]

What’s in a Team?

It’s hard to believe that tonight when I toe the line for the 5000m it will be my last ACC Championship race. Over the last four years I’ve come to love this meet more than most others. Although I haven’t always had my best performances at this meet I still have amazing memories of cheering, […]

The Power of Positive

If there’s one major lesson I’ve learned after almost four years of collegiate racing, its how strong of an affect attitude can have on performance. Back in middle and high school when I was a lot less experienced in racing, I would go through cycles of good race, bad race, good race, bad race… and […]

Confession of Obsession

“It’s been awhile,” and I hate typing that, knowing that I keep “meaning” to blog but somehow the months flew by, and I never seemed able to get past typing the first line. But when I hear the phrase, “It’s been awhile,” the first thing I think of isn’t blogging, instead my mind hears the […]

Racing = Giving

Image credit to #1 Coach: Karen Harvey About three months ago my team and I sat down at camp and wrote out our goals for the upcoming cross country season. I thought hard about what I wanted to accomplish and wrote down some of the loftiest goals I’d ever conjured. I thought about what I […]

Notre Dame

Last weekend our team traveled to Notre Dame, IN for our first official race of the season. I was excited to finally lace up my spikes for a real race where I could test my fitness against the competition. It was also our team’s first chance to see how we stacked up against the other […]


Today I’m off to my first cross country race of my final college season. It’s crazy how it seems like yesterday when I lined up for my final race in high school. Today’s race is at Virginia Tech to get a preview of the ACC Championship course. Although it isn’t a big race, pretty much […]

Happiness is… It’s been over a month now since I’ve blogged, and I’m sorry for that, but in-between seasons I believe its important to take a break from thinking, reading, living and breathing the sport of running 24/7. However, to say I’ve completely escaped from the running world for the last four weeks would be a […]