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"Coach Amanda has been one of the top runners in the nation, and has also struggled through injury. She can relate to everyone and knows how to encourage you! -Makenzie U

“Coach Amanda has helped me to grow not only physically but mentally and spiritually. She is an amazing athlete and coach, who leads by example and is able to connect with the people she works with on a personal level.” -Vanessa R.

“Coach Amanda is an incredibly talented and passionate athlete and it completely shines through in her coaching. She is an inspiration to everyone on the team and a fantastic example for what it means to do all the little 1% things to be the best runner possible. She’s detailed orientated and always goes the extra mile to help all of us with whatever we are struggling with individually whether it is a mentality problem, an injury or something personal.” -Savannah S.

Training Tips from the Blog

Cheap Therapy: DIY Recovery & P.T. Tools

One of the things I love most about running is its simplicity—you really only need yourself, and hopefully some shoes. However, there are a lot of other products on the market that claim to help improve performance or recovery. Some really are miracle workers, others are not really worth it in my opinion. Today I’m here to show […]

Five Random Reasons I Love the ElliptiGO

This week’s review goes out to my favorite new form of cross-training, the ElliptiGO– an elliptical machine on steroids (not really, but it is on wheels) which allows runners and exercise enthusiasts alike to “run without impact” in our natural environment-the great outdoors! Here are 5 reasons why you should give the ElliptiGO a “Go!” Check out […]

#RunTip: Revolutionize your Resolution

It’s a New Year, the year that YOU are going to do it, and do it BIG! You’re never gonna miss a day of running, stretching, eating your veggies or getting 8-10 hours of sleep…You’re going to run your first 5k, qualify for the State Meet, break 3- hours in the Marathon, become All-American or […]