We Are Pikes Peak Elite!

Since the beginning of my running career I’ve been blessed to be a part of several amazing teams. From middle school, to high school, college and beyond, I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the teammates and coaches who’ve gotten me this far. Along that note, I’m excited to announce my latest team, the new Pikes Peak Elite Track Club!

We’re a group of elite runners training in Colorado Springs, all coached by 1996 Olympian and former Air Force Academy coach, Juli Benson. Although we race many different distances from 800m-Marathon, we all come together and work our butts off towards ONE goal; the 2016 Olympics!!

I hope you’ll follow our journey and support our dreams! You can find us on Twitter & Instagram: @pikespeakelite or check out our Facebook page:

‘What Color is the Dress?’ -A Lesson on Faith

“What Color is this Dress?” is the question the whole Internet has been going crazy over. Some people, including myself, see a white and gold striped dress, yet others swear they only see blue and black. At first I thought the #blueandblack crowd was crazy, and I jumped on the #whiteandgold bandwagon refusing to budge. That is, until the designer of the actual […]

Beating the Injury Blues

I recently had to take a bit of time off running, hence the reason I won’t be racing until outdoors, and as anyone who’s ever been injured can tell you, taking a break is no easy thing for most runners. Asking a runner to take a break can be like asking them to give up their soul, […]

Why Give the Glory?

When I redesigned my blog I gave it a fresh new title, “Giving the Glory” A lot of people may not know the story behind this title, a story of heartbreak, redemption, and a newfound joy in life; a story I hope you find worth reading. The story behind this title begins with three simple words. … These three […]

#RunTip: Revolutionize your Resolution

It’s a New Year, 2015, the year that YOU are going to do it, and do it BIG! You’re never gonna miss a day of running, stretching, eating your veggies or getting 8-10 hours of sleep…You’re going to run your first 5k, qualify for the State Meet, break 3- hours in the Marathon, become All-American […]

Lesson 2: Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

There’s no greater feeling than running a hard workout or race but feeling as if you’re flying; your feet hardly doing any work at all. This week in my training, I found myself back on the track for my quickest workout so far this fall, and it was wonderful having that kind of feeling back in my legs. […]

Thirty Day of Thanks

“Gratitude is the realization that we have everything we need, at least in this moment.”-M. J. Ryan This November, I’ve decided to participate in the “Thirty Days of Thanks” challenge. Since November is the month of Thanksgiving, the challenge is to meditate on something you are thankful for each of the thirty days of the […]

#RunTip: Should Serious Runners Eat Candy?

It’s Halloween and you know what that means, costumes, carving pumpkins and of course C-A-N-D-Y!  As an elite runner, I’ve gotten many questions and comments on the subject of the sweet-tooth. “You eat candy?” someone asked me recently, alluding the fact a “serious runner” wouldn’t do such a thing. I stared back at them as […]

HOKA Athlete Retreat

This weekend I travelled just up the road to Boulder, Colorado for the first Hoka One One Elite Athlete Summit. For three days I had the pleasure of getting to know some of the greatest ultra marathoners, trail runners, milers, triathletes, brand ambassadors and entrepreneurs who all had one thing in common: a great love […]

Lesson 1: Patience is a Virtue

They say patience is a virtue, and I’ve found this to be true in many aspects of life, particularly my training. It’s that time of year when the best of the best track athletes are all finally getting a break, or just coming off of theirs and into the base phase of training. Surprisingly, this low-key time of the year can actually be a very difficult phase, one that takes a lot of patience.

When any athlete comes off a break, the enthusiasm towards training suddenly spikes to an all-time high, (well, at least after you get past those first few awkward runs where you wonder if your limbs are actually moving correctly!) You know the feeling–you rush back into training like it’s an episode of “The Biggest Loser,” becoming obsessed with the idea that “more must be better.” But the truth is, more isn’t always better, but more patience can be.

Since I ran my last race of the season at USA’s in June it’s been a long, slow road back as I had to recover from an injury. When I first started training again I was so enthusiastic I jumped in the pool to cross-train like a fish who’d been outta water (and trust me, I don’t really love swimming). I hit the trails with my GPS watch on, swearing to myself I wouldn’t just waste time jogging but get in a decent pace. Low and behold, a week later I realized I had pushed too hard and already had to back off because I re-aggravated my injury. The next six weeks that followed continued in a similar cycle of ups and downs until finally I realized I just had to get in the basics, not compare my progress to season’s past, and rely on faith and patience. A small step forward is greater that fives steps forward followed by ten steps backwards.