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Does Everything Really Happen for a Reason?

I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason. After all, there have been many events in my life that I couldn’t make sense of at the time, but looking back now I can find reasoning. A few weeks ago I had a little incident with a basketball, a trip to the ER and a […]

The Altitude Attitude

Two weeks ago I travelled to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the USA Indoor Track Championships. I was thrilled to compete since a month or two ago this meet was not even on my schedule. Indoor track, after all, is usually just a tune-up for the outdoor season. Not only that, but Albuquerque’s altitude is a […]

Confidence is Key

Benjamin Franklin once said, “You can do anything you set your mind to.” Napoleon Bonaparte said the word “impossible” wasn’t in his dictionary. Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Inspiring words, aren’t they? But how many people really think they can do anything? I’m going to take […]

Is Slow the New Fast?

Which is better, being fast or slow? The answer is obvious, right? Even the little kids on the AT&T commercials will tell you, “FAST!” Why?…  …they have a point, being fast has many benefits, especially when it comes to running races. As a professional runner, I train hard every day to get faster but even when I’m […]

Sunny San Antonio

This past month I haven’t spend more than a week in one city or state until now. After a busy, but blessed Christmas break, I’ve finally enjoyed a week of relaxation and warm weather in San Antonio, Texas where I am spending a month to train with several of my teammates. At first our trip […]


There’s nothing quite like the beginning of a new year; feelings of excitement, rejuvenation, and anticipation. This year, when the clock struck midnight I was full of these emotions as I blasted off the starting line of the NYRR Midnight Run in NYC. As I stared ahead at a starry sky filled with a magnificent […]

Running in a Winter Wonderland

I woke up to another cold, dark morning and as my alarm clock sounded to the calming tune of Fur Elise, I strongly contemplated hitting snooze. It’s my Birthday! I remembered; all the more reason to sleep in! But seeing as how I had work in a few hours there was no option. I headed […]

A Season of Change

Fall is here, and change is in the air! Leaves are spiraling down from trees, the temperature is quickly dropping, and the Christmas lights are out! It feels like just yesterday it was summer, especially because a month and a half ago I was in Florida, and it was! Yet here I am, snuggled up in […]


You know that feeling that you get when it’s the first race of the season? Your heart is racing, palms sweaty, and stomach churning. Some might say that is true before every race, but the first race these symptoms are always magnified. Why is that? For many, I believe it all boils down to a […]

The Decision

Ever since I took up competitive running I’ve planned to one day run professionally. Unlike some runners who leave college with last minute thoughts, “Hmm maybe I should continue competing?” I’ve alwaysconsidered in a no-brainer, so long as I stayed healthy.  When I say I planned to continue competing, I don’t just mean I hoped […]

In Transition

A few of my favorite pics I took in Tallahassee, FL This month marked the beginning of my transition into post-collegiate life. But instead of moving forward like I’d planned, I feel like someone’s tapped the “Pause” button.It started as I left behind the warm, tropical paradise of which I’d come to know as home […]

Aboard the Cross Train?

Hoorayyyy! As “Back to School” commercials rule the television and the “pumpkin collection” returns to Bath and Body Works there’s no denying it: Summer is ending! Sad as it might be for those enjoying the endless buffet on a cruise ship or having the luxury of sleeping in past noon, for me that was never […]

What up Oiselle!

Ever since I first started running I had big goals in mind. One of those was to one day compete as a professional runner. My first run was in middle school and was nothing more than a loop around the block with my friends. I remember them wearing jeans, tennis shoes and probably thick cotton […]

After the Break

I’ve just recently started running again after a solid post-track season break. As my fiancé and I were jogging together today we started talking about how even though we hate taking time off from running it really is an important part of training in itself. Somehow the conversation turned into a sort of debate on […]

Roller Coaster Ride

The best way to describe the last few days at the USA Championships, as well as the entire season, would be as a roller coaster of emotions. When I say roller coaster, I mean the real deal, Millennium Force kind of roller coaster, (which if you haven’t ridden you have NOT experienced life, and need […]

It went by Fast

photo credit: Michael Scott  It’s hard to believe it, but four days ago I stepped off the track at Hayward Field after running just short of four laps, thus ending my fourth and final year running for the Florida State Seminoles. Although I’ll always consider myself a ‘Nole, I still can’t fathom the fact that […]