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Right where I’m supposed to be

Here it is, the weekend I’ve long been waiting and training for, NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Tonight I’ll be in the 1500m heats, racing for a top 5 finish and a spot in the finals on Saturday. When I think about this day a year ago, its pretty amazing to see how far […]


Trust in the Lord with all your heart    and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him,    and he will make your paths straight.                                         -Proverbs 3:5-6I was thinking of this verse today and thought I’d share my […]

Chasing the Sun

This weekend I’m headed to California for the Payton Jordan meet at Stanford. Today had been a rare day where people in the airport actually recognized that we are the track team, and not volleyball, basketball, or something else. Even so, I’ve had to explain to every person I talked to why our team would […]

Wanna see why I run?

        As mentioned in my first blog entry, I’m often faced with the question,“Why do you run?” I’ve realized the answer to that question has changed over time, but never really gets any easier to answer. A simple answer however, was always that I just genuinely enjoy running. But that sentence alone, can’t […]

He is Risen!

Easter Sunday is one of the most holy and special days of the year. For Christians, this is the day we get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death. It is a day to recognize that our  Lord and Savior conquered sin and death, and opened the gates of heaven for eternity. How […]

Embrace the Suffering!

            Everyone has a bad race at some point.  It doesn’t matter if you are a recreational road-racer or an Olympic Gold medalist; we’ve all had that one race where everything went wrong. For me, Saturday’s 3,000m final at the NCAA Indoor meet was that race. I shouldn’t say everything […]

Potatoes and PRs I hope!

Well, Boise Idaho has so far been just what I expected; running through potato fields, taking walks along the river admiring the mountains, sipping coffee in the computer room with Hannah, and trying not to think too much about my race all week. Well now that its finally here it almost seems like it went […]

Leap Day

Today is Leap Day. It’s a cool thought that we only get this extra day every four years, but in reality there hasn’t been anything extraordinary about today in particular. When I first woke up I thought to myself, “Today I’m gonna do something epic!” However, as always, life happened. Here it is, nearly time […]

Focused on Boston

The view of Boston from the 26th floor of the Hilton Back Bay is a beauty. It was there that I decided would be the best place to spend my quiet time with the Lord for today. Funny how it is that I choose to overlook the busy city rather than sit in my quiet […]

Worry Warts

This past weekend marked an exciting time of year; the beginning of track season! As much as I love cross, there’s nothing like stepping onto solid rubber (or mondo in this case) and getting that smooth and fast feel. Our team traveled to Birmingham, Alabama for our first indoor race. Half of us ran the […]

No Pressure

A lot of people have been asking me lately what it’s like handling the pressure of going into NCAAs leading the #1 ranked cross country team. The thing is, I actually feel less pressure this season than I’ve felt almost any other season of my career. In the past I’ve told myself things like, “I […]

Transformation: Part 2

 It was at the beginning of this year that my sister and I discovered the Altitude Project. When searching for a summer mission trip we came across this running camp for Christian collegiate distance runners who were seeking not only an awesome place to train for a few weeks, but also a few weeks of […]

Transformation: Part 1

        Running is a sport of transformation. From stories of people who take up the sport and lose 50lbs to stories of the underdog making an Olympic team, running is like an open door for opportunity. Take Billy Mills for example, who grew up on an impoverished Indian Reservation, but trained hard and […]

WHY I Run: Part 2

  1 Corinthians 9:24 says: “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.”             I had read this verse in my Bible many times. It is perhaps the most popular verse in the Bible […]

WHY I Run: Part 1

  As a runner, I’m always faced with one question;  “Why do you run?” It’s a simple question, one that deserves an answer. When I sit here and think about it, why wouldn’t someone want to know what it is that makes me get up at the crack of dawn, drive to a trail, and proceed […]