Lesson 2: Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

There’s no greater feeling than running a hard workout or race but feeling as if you’re flying; your feet hardly doing any work at all. This week in my training, I found myself back on the track for my quickest workout so far this fall, and it was wonderful having that kind of feeling back in my legs. […]

The Altitude Attitude

Two weeks ago I travelled to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the USA Indoor Track Championships. I was thrilled to compete since a month or two ago this meet was not even on my schedule. Indoor track, after all, is usually just a tune-up for the outdoor season. Not only that, but Albuquerque’s altitude is a […]


There’s nothing quite like the beginning of a new year; feelings of excitement, rejuvenation, and anticipation. This year, when the clock struck midnight I was full of these emotions as I blasted off the starting line of the NYRR Midnight Run in NYC. As I stared ahead at a starry sky filled with a magnificent […]


            The last three weeks have been full of many highs and lows from the Boston Marathon to my last ACC Championships, racing at Stanford and finishing up my last semester on Florida State’s campus. It started April 15th with the sickening news of what happened in Boston. It was one […]

Running for the win?

You ever have one of those days when you wake up and you just gotta good feeling? Well, Saturday was one of those days, and although I had to wait around awhile before I even headed over to the track, I just kept telling myself, “This could be the day,” and then I thought, “No, […]

Racing = Giving

Image credit to #1 Coach: Karen Harvey About three months ago my team and I sat down at camp and wrote out our goals for the upcoming cross country season. I thought hard about what I wanted to accomplish and wrote down some of the loftiest goals I’d ever conjured. I thought about what I […]

Notre Dame

Last weekend our team traveled to Notre Dame, IN for our first official race of the season. I was excited to finally lace up my spikes for a real race where I could test my fitness against the competition. It was also our team’s first chance to see how we stacked up against the other […]